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Lorin at the Window
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Has it been THAT long?!?!?!?

WOW, I have been so busy this past year that I have NOT blogged at all! Well, all that is going to change :) I'm Back!! I have many many things to talk about so stay tuned!

First of all, Tristan graduated Salutatorian from ITT, and he will be starting UAB soon. He would have graduated Valedictorian, but he had to travel most of one semester for work, and in the processed miss a lot of class. He didn't even get to go to his graduation! This was due to Strep Throat :( Poor thing! We are still very very proud of him!

Also, I WAS pregnant. I say "was" because we lost the baby. We were not trying to get pregnant, yet it was still a very difficult trial to go through; but God is an ever present help in times of hormone dysfunction! Can I get an amen? Anyone who has been through such a hard experience knows what I am talking about - hormones are Crayyyyzeeee! I had surgery and have recovered...almost! I will return to the doctor on Tuesday to get a good report, in JESUS name.

Lorin has lost her two front teeth...she really did sing all I want for Christmas in my two front teeth! haha. She is also 5 years old now, and is as tall as a 7 year old! Yes, buying clothes for her is a challenge, to say the least!

I am also proud to announce that we began the home-school journey this year, and all is going well! Even though she is just in kindergarten, Lorin is on a 1st grade level. She has started to read, she is great in math (addition and subtraction), and she loves to write ALL the time. She even writes my grocery list out for me now! (I spell the words for her, of course; she isn't Doogie Houser!) I think she is mostly proud that she can count to over 100! lol I am in no way saying that every day is easy. Some days, it is a challenge to get her into school mode. I have even started dressing up in crazy outfits while we "play" school. Maybe one day I will post a picture. haha. Well, speaking of pictures, I am going to post a few just to catch you up on what has been going on in "the HOOD" . LOVE YA!!!!

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Ashley said...

So glad you finally updated this blog :) You definitely need an updated pic of Lorin! Although, all the cooking ones your family has started, I've had plenty of reading and salivating ( is that a word??) to do! I can't wait to get in the kitchen and start cooking! But, I got to go grocery shopping first. Blah! Love you!